Author Events and Appearances, 2018

May 12th – Write on Vancouver – The Path to Traditional Publishing 
10:00am – Vancouver Public Library

The publishing process can be overwhelming. Local fantasy author E. Latimer goes over some of the more complicated terminology and the ins and outs of the publishing industry. Get a behind-the-scenes look at everything including querying and getting an agent, submitting to the “big five” publishing houses and finally signing on the dotted line.


May 31st-June 4th
Bookcon 2018 – Panel

Details to come.


Van Isle Comicon – Writers Panel
June 10th – Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney BC.
Young adult writers who are making their mark in the world of young adult fantasy fiction and ultimately into the Geek Culture. Panelists Julia Nobel, Whitney Gardner, Rebecca Sky, Erin Latimer, and Tiffany Daune will talk about their own experiences and journeys of becoming published authors and what influences their work. This is a fantastic panel for aspiring writers, writers looking at publishing their work, and people
who are simply interested in the world of young adult and fantasy fiction.


VPL Writing & Book Camp
August 13th-17th

Details to come





E. Latimer is a young adult fantasy writer and literary intern for A + B Works literary agency. She was born and raised in Victoria, BC. She`s had her work published in Chicken Soup For the Soul: Reboot Your Life, and most recently, the Imagines anthology, published by Simon and Schuster.

In her spare time, she writes books, makes silly vlogs with the YA Word Nerds about writing and reads excessively. She`s also one of the hosts of the Wattpad4, a weekly twitter chat which features awesome guests like Lauren DeStefano, Leigh Bardugo and Victoria Aveyard.

Her middle grade gothic fantasy, The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray is coming out from Tundra Books/Penguin Random House in Spring of 2018.


Mentoring Style

I’m a hands-on type of mentor, I love going through for plot, structure and character development, but I’ll also be diving into line edits.

I believe “mentorship” carries over, not just to the craft of writing, but to coaching on other things, social media, the publishing industry, ect. I’m going to be preparing you for what getting an actual edit letter will be like, what working with a publisher can be like, which means deadlines. I love goofing off and sending one another gifs, laughing our faces off on GChat or skype, and creating ridiculous team names, but we’ll also be working hard.



Love it:

-Fantasy That can be categorized as any of the following: Spooky, eerie, whimsical, gothic, dark.


-Mythology of any kind, give it to me!

-Anything that can be described as “Tim Burtonesque”

-Anything with a Roald Dahl, Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allen Poe vibe.

-Girl friendships

-Female scientists (mad or otherwise)

-LGBTQ+ (send me aaaaaall the LGBT MG please!)

-Quirky families

-Anything in space

-Anything with ghosts

-Funny characters

-Any and all diversity is welcome but #ownvoices has priority. (I will note that my favorite diverse books are not issue books, but feature diversity as a fact of the characters, give me neurodiverse girls in space! Give me lesbian pirates! Give me witches, magic and mythology from outside North America! I want it all!)

-A great adventure story (Pirates! Treasure! Riddles! Games!)

-Anything with magic. Give me all the witches, wizards and warlocks!

-Favorites are: Ms. Cavendish’s Home for Boys and Girls, Lemoney Snicket’s a Series of Unfortunate Events, The Kneebone Boy, Coraline, The Graveyard Book, everything by Diana Wynne Jones, everything by Francis Hardinger

Loath it:

-Sports themed

-Sad stories (this has exceptions but if your story is about cancer patients, alcoholic parents, abuse, or anything equally grim, it will probably not be in my wheelhouse)

-Historical Fiction

-No books where animals are the main characters please!

-Contemporary or “issues” books (w/ some exceptions, including LGBT and comedy – also exceptions for if the “issue” is not the MAIN part of the story: ie, your manuscript is about a girl pirate with general anxiety disorder)

-Romance (as a main plot)

–I’m not your best bet for chapter books, as I prefer upper middle grade. Your book should be at least 40k (50k is best).

-I’m not your best bet for faith-based stories.

Pet Peeves: The overused, the cliche, the just plain “No thank yous”.

-I see hundreds of MG submissions on bullying, which is a worthy subject, but is not the only MG experience out there! If bullying is a central theme of your manuscript it should have a VERY different/fresh spin on the narrative or I likely won’t request.

– Middle Graders are smart! Please don’t talk down to them, or me! “Dumbing down” a manuscript is an automatic pass!

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I’ll be teaching a class on traditional publishing this month, over at the Vancouver Public Library. This is part of the “Write On” event going on, which is an all day event, full of classes and workshops.

Here’s the write-up:

How to Get a Book Deal: The Path to Traditional Publishing 

The publishing process can be overwhelming. Local fantasy author, E. Latimer, goes over some of the more complicated terminology, and the ins and outs of the publishing industry. Get a behind-the-scenes look at everything from querying and getting an agent, to the process of submitting to the ‘big five’ publishing houses and finally signing on the dotted line.

The class runs from 10:30-12:00,  in the Peter Kaye room, on the lower level.


You can now officially add Flame to your “TBR” list! The ebook is up for pre-order now, over on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

So what fancy smancy swag do you get for pre-ordering?

Because getting an ebook doesn’t allow you to have it signed, everyone who pre-orders will instead get a hand-printed “FROST” postcard, complete with signature, a personal message, and probably little doodles of penguins in the corners or something, because that’s just how I roll.

To get the postcard, simply take a screenshot of your confirmation email from Amazon, or the little home screen doohicky that comes up to confirm your payment.


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March 11th 2017 Saturday

This week I announced some pretty big news. Something I’ve been (very impatiently) waiting to announce for a while now. My wonderful agent sold my book, The Strange and Deadly Portraits of Bryony Gray, to Tundra Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

You’ll be able to get Bryony Gray in bookstores across North America on February 13th 2018.  The book is a middle grade retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray, and I’ll be posting more details soon!